Districts and Locations on Anchor Station

Anchor Station is the main hub of civilization in the Xaphos System. In the initial exploration and colonization era of the system, Anchor Station was a space station build in orbit around Xaphos 2, the most habitable and resource evident planet in the system. Its purpose was the provide a shipping and trading hub for all Drift Travel to and from the system, as well as a place for the various scientists, explorers, and prospectors to meet, trade, and obtain goods and services.

Anchor Station spent years as a functional hub for the system until a devastating attack by the Dominion of the Black caused heavy damage to the station. With no assistance coming from the elsewhere the residents of Anchor Station were forced to take matters into their own hands. In a miracle feat of coordination between all of the surviving colonization forces, the station was set down into a canyon junction on the surface of the planet. Although the station survived the landing (which it was never built to perform), it did sustain even more damage in the process. Anchor Station will never be space worth or even fully atmospherically sealable again. However, this also established their independence from the rest of the galaxy.

In the years since the landing, Anchor Station has become more of a city than it ever was as a space station. The five hangar bays of the original station each settled into one of the arms of the canyon complex. Two of them still function as before, providing landing and take-off services for starships. One arm serves as the main ground gateway into the city, with a busy highway originating at its hangar doors. The other two arms which set atop the only active river in the canyon complex, serve as the city’s water intake and treatment facility on one side, as well as the waste management and water release for the entire station on the other end. The central spire of the original station has been modified, built-upon, and repurposed to house most of the city’s numerous inhabitants. The former observation dome, which formerly faced the surface of the planet, now points skyward, and serves as the home for Anchor Station’s elite and wealthiest inhabitants. On the other end of the spectrum, the most desperate and poor people who call Anchor Station home, construct makeshift domiciles attached to the outside of the spire, on the surface atop the radial arms of the station, or dug into the canyon walls just on the outskirts of the city proper.

Anchor Station former gravity generating fusion core has been converted to provide near-limitless, if not intermittent, power to the city. This power is supplemented by wind turbines and solar panels built high upon the spire and observation dome, as well as hydro turbines that harness some power from the river flowing through the canyon. The result is that the vast majority of the creatures who make their homes in and on Anchor Station have access to enough free power to provide for their daily needs and charge the battery packs for their equipment. Those with heavy load or industrial power needs must usually find their own sources or secure power feed from one of the various brokers with the city. Likewise, the Danji River provides enough water to the city, once filtered and treated, to provide for the basic needs of all. Those who require larger reserves of water for irrigation or for industrial needs must make deals with the ice brokers, who scavenge ice from the rings of Xaphos 5 in starships. In each case, the brokers see to the maintenance of supply of both power and water. They work in conjunction to make sure the system stays operational and safe and make a profit off those who use the power and water to make profits of their own.

Freemarkets: a three-level, open air marketplace situated in the outer ring of Anchor Station, the Freemarkets are the largest and most openly accessible market place on the station. Businesses of all sorts showcase their products and services here. Although in name it is a true free and open market, a witchwyrd representative of AbadarCorp named Mr. Philt, acts as the de facto authority over the Freemarkets, sponsoring vendors, making and collecting on loans, and arbitrating disputes.

Port: the arrival and departure bays of Anchor Station are each located in one of the five canyons at which the station sits at the nexus of. A complex system of rail mounted gravity guns cradle incoming starships and deliver them to their berths, all of which are located in the subterranean caverns and canyon walls beneath the station proper. Likewise, departing starships are brought to the launch corridor via the same moveable gravity guns. This process creates a centralized process by which starships arrive and leave the station, all controlled by the port authority. Crews who find themselves on the bad side of Amare and Redrek, the current port authority of Anchor Station, find their starships locked in their berths or not allowed to dock until such time as they have made reparations to the duo.

Skydome: situated at the apex of Anchor Station, this district is covered in a massive transparent dome that allowed its residents to looks down upon the surface of Xaphos 2 when the station was still in orbit. Now, the district instead looks up to the sky above Xaphos 2, but still demands the most scenic views on Anchor Station. The Skydome district features many tall, slender tower-like building separated by luxurious parks and greenways. Anchor Station’s wealthiest and most powerful citizens live and make their living in Skydome – in fact it is not unusual for many Skydome residents to never leave the district, as everything they could want or need is within.

The Decaying Orbit is a dive bar in the lower levels of Anchor Station. With floors that have never been swept and counters that have never been wiped down, the Orbit, as it is known by the residents of the lower levels, is a place that serves drinking, doesn’t ask questions, and didn’t see a thing. After several “incidents”, the bar can no longer book any actual bands to play on its modest stage, so the management has been reduced to playing trivid holo shows of popular bands projected on the stage. The clientele don’t seem to mind…

Districts and Locations on Anchor Station

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