Common Terms

Dal-bara: a micro-silt “drink” analogous to wine yet containing no liquid. Imported from the Aldebaron system, it was originally meant for beings of a highly variant evolutionary path, but still produces a strong deleterious effect in carbon based forms. Averages 500 credits per bottle.

FlatVid: general term for any motion video capture predating holographic technology (TriVid). Though most such archived files can or even have been run through a process to make them 3 dimensional, most agree the result is jarring and considered suboptimal.

Hull-head: an aficionado of spaceships and related paraphernalia. “One of those guys that knows ever make, model, and manufacturer of spaceship and who piloted which in what race or run.”

InfoSphere: a network of digitized information that usually encompasses a planet and its surrounding satellites. Most planets who possess the technology have at least a rudimentary version of an infosphere. Generally, inforspheres are not connected to one another and information traveling from an infosphere on one planet to an infosphere on another can take some time to arrive. Inforspheres can easily be accessed through a ship’s computer or comm unit when in range.

Lurchers: derogatory ysoki term for individuals or races taller than themselves.

Mindblind: a race or individual with no innate telepathic ability. Beginning as a somewhat derogatory lashunta term, the shirrens have embraced its use, seeing no insult in doing so.

Tall-folk: traditional ysoki term for races other than their own (as most races are taller than them). It is, of course, not used in reference to races of their same size or smaller, and oddly rarely applied to those races larger than medium standard.

Tobar’s: a popular brand of smoking herbals (loose leaf and pre-rolled), coming in a variety of sizes and flavors. The most popular pre-rolleds are Gold Select (cigars averaging 10 credits a box) and Blacks or Greens (cigarettes in filtered or unfiltered, averaging 3 credits a pack).

TriVid: though loosely meaning any holographic video capture, it more specifically refers to visual entertainment/news broad-banded on the info-spheres.

Verse Ventures: a popular trivid show where contestants are given a starship and recorded via swarms of micro drones as they adventure through the galaxy (edited for content before InfoSphere downloading). As episodes air, the contestants are rated by fans. In the end, the highest rated crew is given a customized grand prize. In the past, these prizes have included luxury star yachts, an orbital casino, even a terraformed moon.

In several seasons, laws have been broken by the contestants, but, despite ample recorded evidence, none are ever charged after the fact. Some contestants “caught in the act” have faced various forms of justice. In these cases, filming continues.

Common Terms

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