Lost Divinity (Starfinder)

The Wreck of the Dusklight, Part 2

all the way to the bottom deck...

Vish Kesh, in an effort to understand what was affecting the Technic League team who had been sent here before and making them become feral, took one of the ysoki corpses back to the Sunrise Maiden for further study. After a rest, the remaining crew decided to explore the next deck.

Peering down into the holes blasted in the deck, EF 1337 saw a room that was partially flooded. Dropping down, the crew was ambushed by more feral ysoki, which they quickly dispatched. Delving deeper into the deck, they found a trap set by the ysoki, as well as more flooded rooms.

Arising out of the murky water came a pair of Kalo sharkhunters, aquatic begins who preferred to fight beneath the waves. Their weapons were specially made to function unimpeded underwater. After defeating them, the crew encountered two more who had a small cache of supplies that looked like it belonged to the ysoki who were sent here to explore and salvage from the Dusklight.

The next level was completely underwater, and the crew needed their onboard environmental protections of their suits to allow them to explore the deck below. They encountered more kalo sharkhunters, as well as their leader, a kale deepspeaker, who was able to command some powerful magics against the crew. These, however, were no match for the crew, who cut down the feral kalo mercenaries.

In the next room, they discovered the cause behind the atavistic natures of all the Technic League team: a monstrous ooze creature surrounding three silver rods. The creature attacked the crew immediately, its pseudopod slams not only doing physical damage, but also bleeding out the intelligence of its targets. The strange creature also had some sort of force field, that made it initially very difficult to damage.

Not to be defeated by some gelatinous horror, the crew rallied and concentrated their efforts on taking the force field down, then proceeded to blast, slash, and zap the ooze into oblivion.

Beyond the chamber of the ooze, the crew discovered a departure bay, for a pair of hover vehicles. one of which was launched from the Dusklight at about the same time as the unknown subject was released from the stasis pod on the upper decks. The other bay, however, still held a fully-functional hovercraft vehicle, that the crew was able to access using a strange brown key card that had more of the Androffan writing on it.

The hovercraft was successfully launched and was able to be loaded up in the cargo bay of the Sunrise Maiden. The crew spent the next few hours loaded up the loot and a sizable amount of salvage from the Dusklight, hoping to take it back to the Professor at Anchor Station to learn more about the ship and those who piloted it.

Several radar contacts caused the crew to go on alert and launch their starship immediately. Two Technic League transports and a huge cruiser were approaching. The transports, the Starblight and the Lawless, were on intercept courses with the Sunrise Maiden. The cruiser, a huge starship named The Immortal, was staying in low orbit and training its capital class weapons on the crews ship. To avoid a fight they could not possibly win against the cruiser, the crew piloted the Sunrise Maiden back into the canyon leading to Anchor Station ,thereby not exposing themselves to the firing arc of the Immortal’s torpedoes.

The Sunrise Maiden raced at breakneck speed through the canyon, having to not only trade fire with the two Technic League transports who followed the into the canyon, but also having to use their sensors to map out the canyon ahead to avoid colliding with the rock formations within.

Out-gunning and out-flying the Technic League transports, who both met fiery ends in the canyon, the Sunrise Maiden arrived to within range of Anchor Station mass driver cannons, and the Immortal broke off pursuit. The crew were able to dock with empty torpedo stores, depleted shields, but only minor damage to the ship itself.

Upon getting back to their berth, the crew began to see about getting the artifacts they recovered from the Dusklight over to Nargin Haruvex, as well as setting up a time for him to meet and study Epoch. Inky also discovered that the ysoki whose corpse they had taken on board actually had a bounty on his head back in the Pact Worlds.

Loot list from the wreck of the Dusklight part 2


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