Lost Divinity (Starfinder)

The Wreck of the Dusklight, Part 2
all the way to the bottom deck...

Vish Kesh, in an effort to understand what was affecting the Technic League team who had been sent here before and making them become feral, took one of the ysoki corpses back to the Sunrise Maiden for further study. After a rest, the remaining crew decided to explore the next deck.

Peering down into the holes blasted in the deck, EF 1337 saw a room that was partially flooded. Dropping down, the crew was ambushed by more feral ysoki, which they quickly dispatched. Delving deeper into the deck, they found a trap set by the ysoki, as well as more flooded rooms.

Arising out of the murky water came a pair of Kalo sharkhunters, aquatic begins who preferred to fight beneath the waves. Their weapons were specially made to function unimpeded underwater. After defeating them, the crew encountered two more who had a small cache of supplies that looked like it belonged to the ysoki who were sent here to explore and salvage from the Dusklight.

The next level was completely underwater, and the crew needed their onboard environmental protections of their suits to allow them to explore the deck below. They encountered more kalo sharkhunters, as well as their leader, a kale deepspeaker, who was able to command some powerful magics against the crew. These, however, were no match for the crew, who cut down the feral kalo mercenaries.

In the next room, they discovered the cause behind the atavistic natures of all the Technic League team: a monstrous ooze creature surrounding three silver rods. The creature attacked the crew immediately, its pseudopod slams not only doing physical damage, but also bleeding out the intelligence of its targets. The strange creature also had some sort of force field, that made it initially very difficult to damage.

Not to be defeated by some gelatinous horror, the crew rallied and concentrated their efforts on taking the force field down, then proceeded to blast, slash, and zap the ooze into oblivion.

Beyond the chamber of the ooze, the crew discovered a departure bay, for a pair of hover vehicles. one of which was launched from the Dusklight at about the same time as the unknown subject was released from the stasis pod on the upper decks. The other bay, however, still held a fully-functional hovercraft vehicle, that the crew was able to access using a strange brown key card that had more of the Androffan writing on it.

The hovercraft was successfully launched and was able to be loaded up in the cargo bay of the Sunrise Maiden. The crew spent the next few hours loaded up the loot and a sizable amount of salvage from the Dusklight, hoping to take it back to the Professor at Anchor Station to learn more about the ship and those who piloted it.

Several radar contacts caused the crew to go on alert and launch their starship immediately. Two Technic League transports and a huge cruiser were approaching. The transports, the Starblight and the Lawless, were on intercept courses with the Sunrise Maiden. The cruiser, a huge starship named The Immortal, was staying in low orbit and training its capital class weapons on the crews ship. To avoid a fight they could not possibly win against the cruiser, the crew piloted the Sunrise Maiden back into the canyon leading to Anchor Station ,thereby not exposing themselves to the firing arc of the Immortal’s torpedoes.

The Sunrise Maiden raced at breakneck speed through the canyon, having to not only trade fire with the two Technic League transports who followed the into the canyon, but also having to use their sensors to map out the canyon ahead to avoid colliding with the rock formations within.

Out-gunning and out-flying the Technic League transports, who both met fiery ends in the canyon, the Sunrise Maiden arrived to within range of Anchor Station mass driver cannons, and the Immortal broke off pursuit. The crew were able to dock with empty torpedo stores, depleted shields, but only minor damage to the ship itself.

Upon getting back to their berth, the crew began to see about getting the artifacts they recovered from the Dusklight over to Nargin Haruvex, as well as setting up a time for him to meet and study Epoch. Inky also discovered that the ysoki whose corpse they had taken on board actually had a bounty on his head back in the Pact Worlds.

Loot list from the wreck of the Dusklight part 2

The Wreck of the Dusklight (Part 1)
Opening gifts uncovered by a mudslide...

After the Battle of the Birth, the crew found themselves in possession of a large stockpile of arms and equipment. Loot List from the Battle for the Berth After picking and choosing, there remained a large amount of gear leftover. They came upon the idea of, rather than storing or liquidating the remaining loot, setting up a small shop in the Freemarkets to sell the loot for a greater profit.

Arrangements were made with Mr Philt for the crew to take over the old Synthesasia shop on the first floor of the Freemarkets. Although little more than a converted storage container, the shop would definitely meet the needs of the crew. They then recruited members of the halfling family they had met when investigating the infectious biotech augmentations a week earlier. Not only were Maija (now almost fully recovered) and Hermot happy to run the shop for the crew, but they also enlisted young Sendi and her brother Alvi to work as criers in the Freemarkets, spreading news about the new shop and it’s wares. With only a couple hundred credits spent to get the place up and running, the shop was up and running within a days time.

While cleaning up the berth and distributing gear and supplies on the Sunrise Maiden, VICKY heard an odd thing from the storage closet where the alien AI, Epoch was being kept. It was humming a few bars from the latest hit song Star Sugar Heartlove!!! by the band Strawberry Machine Cake. Since this hit song had only just been released within the last week, VICKY was sure that the AI had somehow been connected to the inforsphere, something that the crew had decided not to be allowed. The crew confronted Epoch and learned that, while not being connected to the infosphere, the AI was still being constantly bombarded by various waves and fields ever-present in a technologically advanced society. Epoch’s curiosity had gotten the better of it, and it slightly altered its internal systems to receive and interpret these signals. After several reassurances that Epoch was not plotting to take over the system and destroy all organic life in the galaxy, the crew decided to let it continue “learning” in this fashion.

It was at this point that Rikr pointed out that incomprehensibly old artificial intelligences were something that was right up the Professor’s alley and that it was about time for the crew to meet with him anyway. They set out to the Skydome district of Anchor Station, situated at the very top of the city. Under the vast super-hardened glass dome, numerous towers separated by quaint well-tended parks dominated the district. The crew noticed that while there was not much foot traffic in Skydome, each of the towers were well secured either by armed guards or by advanced automated security systems.

Rikr led the crew to a six-story tower, and after a thorough security scan, the entered the building. Surprisingly, manning the front desk of the tower and acting as a receptionist was the shirren envoy from the Renew-You clinic, Theskell. He informed the crew that he and his partner, Vreskin, were now working for the Professor here in the tower, and that they were expected up on the sixth floor.

The sixth floor of the tower was a large open format laboratory and workshop, with numerous stations in the midst of analyzing various odd-looking pieces of technology. The Professor, Nargin Haruvex turned out to be a rare alien species known as a coalescent, a rare swarm creature composed entirely of worms who shared a hive mind and could hold themselves into a humanoid shape. The Professor explained to the crew that he was studying evidence of an ancient pre-Gap species of humans known as the Androffan who he believed were present in the Xaphos system long ago. He also informed them that two other organizations sought the same goals, a group of cut-throats called the Technic League and the incomprehensibly alien group known as the Dominion of the Black. Both groups sought any and all Androffan relics and technology covetously. The depredations of those groups had seriously limited the amount of Androffan tech that the Professor had access to.

To this end, the Professor had recently learned of a newly uncovered wrecked starship on the surface of Xaphos 2, only a couple of hours from Anchor Station. He asked the crew to go and investigate the wreck and bring back their findings, but he warned that the Technic League was more than likely already at the site, so to expect strong resistance.

The crew flew out to the site of the wreck, which lay on the edge of a waterfall, with only a partially shattered observation dome as the only obvious entrance. After defeating a dangerous, invisible waterborne predator at the waterfall, the crew was able to make their way into the wreck via the dome. Inside the ship they were attacked by a vesk agent of the Technic League. Defeating him, but sparing his life, the crew learned that almost 20 Technic League agents and mercenaries had already been in the wreck for over a day, but that something in the lower decks had driven them mad and caused the to turn on one another. The vesk, who was unaffected by the strange madness, had hid on the top deck and was awaiting reinforcements. He informed them that if the Technic League ship wasn’t signaled within the next 12 hours, it would bombard the wreck with torpedoes. The crew decided to let the vesk go and continue exploring the ship.

The crew were able to partially power up a console on the observation deck and discover that the ship was called the Dusklight and that is was indeed an Androffan starship buried here for tens of thousands of years. They were also able to restore lighting, subjective gravity, and power to the elevator from the console. All other systems were offline.

Rikr and VICKY stealthily snuck down the stairs and observed a group of ysoki waiting in ambush. Mosdar and Inky rode down the top of the elevator, creating a distraction, while Bubbles, EF 1337, Vish Kesh, and Xenu joined the others down the staircase to flank the ysoki below. The combat was fierce but the crew defeated the ysoki, noting that they seemed feral and enraged, so much so that some of them could not even use some of their more complex combat abilities, preferring instead to stab ferociously.

In the aftermath of the battle, the crew found a strange magical seed pod growing in a moss-covered storage closet, as well as a recovered Androffan weapon. Further investigation of the hexagonal pillars on the second deck revealed some ancient stasis pod equipment, much of which was long ago destroyed. One stasis unit, however, had somehow remained functioning for eons, and had only recently, within the last couple hundred years, awakened and released whoever or whatever was held within the pod.
Loot List from the Wreck of the Dusklight (Part 1)

Welcome to the Xaphos System
Better unliving through technology

The Sunrise Maiden came out of the Drift into a massive asteroid field, putting the crew in immediate peril. Acting fast, the crew avoided damage from the asteroid until the ship could clear the field. Scans indicated that the asteroid field was the remnant of the planet where the signal they were searching for originated. Interference and temporal distortions were pervasive within the ancient debris of the destroyed planet.

Seeking signs up civilization in the system, the crew headed to Xaphos 2, where scans indicated a large settlement on the surface. The crew learned that the settlement was the “landed” Anchor Station, which once orbited the planet. They met Amare and Redrek, the port authority for Anchor Station, who informed them that all berths on the station were currently filled or off limits. However, if they were willing to help out a friend of theirs, they would point them to a berth that they could liberate from some squatters who were trapping and trading Laserhounds.

The crew agreed and Bubbles, EF 1337, Mosdar, Vish Kesh, and VICKY left the Sunrise Maiden to go to the Freemarkets district of Anchor Station. There they met with one Mr Philt, a witchwyrd representative of AbadarCorp who was the de facto overseer of the markets. He had recently uncovered evidence of a new type of biotech augmentation that was unlike anything else available in the market and wanted the crew to track down who crafted it. Unfortunately, the piece of biotech was a severed prosthetic arm that had been won in a high-stakes bet.

After investigating the Freemarkets and interviewing many merchants, the crew was able to track down the origin of this new biotech to a ship called Renew-You, which had recently closed down indefinitely. They discovered that the biotech augmentations installed at the Renew-You clinic were, in fact, killing the patients and reanimating them as biotech zombies. They managed to save one of the halfling patients before she succumbed to the faulty augmentation and eventually learned the home address for the owners of the Renew-You clinic.

Arriving at the home of the shirren family who owned the Renew-You clinic, the crew discovered that it was barricaded and was in the process of being besieged by a group of biotech zombies, all former clients of Renew-You! The crew valiantly and deftly defeated the zombies and made contacts with the shirren held up in the barricaded house…

Districts and Locations on Anchor Station

… when they noticed that down the darkened street, a lone figure was watching them. Fearing another wave of biotech zombies, EF 1337 raised his weapon, but the figure approached with hands out in the open and addressed the crew.

The android operative, Rikr was tasked by his employer to find the technology that was responsible for creating the zombies and to bring it back. The crew agreed to a temporary truce with Rikr to investigate the interior of the house.

Vish Kesh was able to convince the two shirren barricaded within the house to let the group in. After some persuasion, the shirren owners of the Renew-You clinic, Theskell and Vrisken, confessed that the strange biotech augmentations were made by an assembly ooze on which they had altered the nano programming. Instead of producing harmless basic technological items, the assembly ooze now produced (tainted) biotech augmentations after it had accidentally absorbed and killed their partner and host, Kinnakt.
They had the assembly ooze trapped in a laser-containment grid in their home workshop, ever hopeful that they could work out the bugs on it and get back into the biotech augmentation business.

Rikr offered the pair of shirren a way out of Anchor Station thanks to his employer, a mysterious figure known as The Professor, and also offered the crew a meet with this Professor is they let him take the ooze and deliver it to his employer. Bubbles noted that she read that the Professor was one of the names of local who were studying the phenomenon of the temporally reforming and unforming planet, so it was someone they needed to meet anyway. The crew agreed, and Rikr left with the assembly ooze.

The crew returned to the Freemarkets and met with Mr Philt, explained to him what they had uncovered and enjoyed some refreshment. He seemed pleased with the efforts and results of the crew and passed along the message of his satisfaction to Amare and Redrek , as well as giving the crew a few trinkets as a reward for a job well-done.

The crew then regrouped with Rikr, who they were considering recruiting on their mission to secure a berth for the Sunrise Maiden here on the station. Amare and Redrek gave them directions to the berth where the filthy squatters were located. Xenu joined in the planning and the group got some drone reconnaissance on the berth with a little help from Quonx , who. without his knowledge, stripped down Whiskers drone and made a spy drone.

The drone found that the maintenance shaft leading into the berth was guarded by a Nuar, a space minotaur. Within the berth several hobgoblins and a Kanabo commando (a least Oni) were making a deal with a Sarcesian smuggler for four Tashtari, or laser hounds.

The crew managed to get the drop on the nuar, then using a well-placed fog cloud burst into the berth, surprising the squatters and smuggler. The ensuing battle resulted in the death of the hobgoblins and kanobo, as well as the Sarcesian, but none of the laser hounds were harmed. The berth, and the loot within, now belonged to the crew!

Loot List from the Battle for the Berth

Interlude: Encouter in transit
What dies in the Drift should stay in the Drift

On the way to the Xaphos system, the new crew members direct the Starfarers to a ship adrift. They have knowledge of some fantastic treasure aboard the starship Scholar’s Struggle but don’t know they details of its fate.

Upon leaving the Drift at the location of the Scholar’s Struggle they detect the proximity of another vessel. A Vesk starship, the Honorbound is claiming salvage rights on the Scholar’s Struggle and challenge the crew of the Sunrise Maiden to an honorable starship duel. After an intense encounter, the Sunrise Maiden comes out on top and the captain of the Honorbound surrenders salvage rights to the Scholar’s Struggle to the crew.

Aboard the Scholar’s Struggle the crew finds a horrific scene. AFter an accident aboard the vessel one of the crew became a Drift Dead and slaughtered the rest on board.


After a desperate battle with the Drift Dead and some ingenuity in getting power back to the ships interior chambers, the crew found what they were looking for: a number of strange objects that the skittermanders called “Loot boxes of Wonder”… there are enough of them for each of the crew.

Living it up on Absalom Station
All that and a tube of Slurm...

On Aballon, as characters make their way back to the docking bay where the Sunrise Maiden is located, Those Who Wait try and stop them.
o ENCOUNTER: security robots attempt to stop them; those who aren’t there hold them off; the PC’s must still deal with # Guardbots who block their path to the ship
• The PC’s arrive at Absolom Station
o Take time for shopping and upgrade needs
o PC’s need to meet with Whaloss the translator, who explains that the tech of the Epoch AI prototype is so old, that it is no longer compatible with tech interfaces of today or yesterday. He will have to build a custom one: how do they want it to communicate?
o As payment, Whaloss would like the PC’s to look in on a friend of his and help them out with a problem they have been having.
Trouble at the Slurm Factory
o Whaloss friend is a shirren engineer named Thast who has a place in Botscrap. She has been awarded a contract with the station to oversee a process that takes dead organic remains and converts them into a food substitute called “Slurnp” (Semi-liquid Urbanite Reclamation Nutrient Paste). Only indigent or lifeforms who elect to become recycled are “processed” into Slurnp. The processing equipment and bio vats are located below her office.
o The problem is that her workers, Hadzi, Jokug, and Yon have disappeared. She’s not sure what happened to them, but the processing is continuing down there at high levels of efficiency. She is afraid to call in Station Security for fear that she will lose her contract, so she reached out to Whaloss for aid.
o ENCOUNTER: A group of 3 ghouls infiltrated the facility and discovered that the Slurnp satisfies their nutritional needs and decided to stay. They were discovered by the workers, who they attacked and made into other ghouls. Now all six of them call this their home and want to keep the facility going at peak efficiency, so that they can “skim the slurmp” for food. They wish to remain here and will “work” for free, provided they get to eat. They do not want to spread their condition to others, but will fight to defend what they consider their lair.
o TREASURE: If the PC’s can broker a deal with Thast for them to stay on, they will give the PC’s all their remaining grenades.
On the Way back
o Walking from one transit station to another through a populated residential area of the Ring, the PC’s see a familiar face pop up on a halo screen: Jabaxa, the ysoki former boss and Company rat leers at them. He tells them that The Company did not look favorably on their actions back on Akiton: namely taking possession of a vessel and supplies they found abandoned in the orbital docking station, high credit damage done to Company assets, and reporting of privileged Company information to one Jance Volley of the Stewards. Furthermore, they have abandoned their binding contracts with The Company. The Company does not forget and certainly does not forgive. As for the new folks, they can feel comfort in the newfound wisdom that they made the wrong choice of traveling companions. At this point, the hologram goes into a loop of him laughing sadistically and the party is attacked in the streets.
o ENCOUNTER: The PC’s are assaulted by a gang hired by Jabaxa. They use the environment and cover to their advantage, and the surveillance cameras have been disabled in the area, delaying response time by Station Security. The gang has been well paid and heavily intimidated by Jabaxa, so they do not surrender, but will attempt to flee if soundly defeated. Station Security comes eventually and will let the PC’s go unless they needlessly destroyed property or killed innocents. They have been tracking this gang recently.
o Once back at Whaloss’ place, he has their translation rig completed. Now that he understands what it is, he recommends that the PC’s leave Absolom Station soon, as the Anacites will be after them soon.
Leaving the Station
As the Starfarers head back to their ship, they are approached by a motley group requesting passage on their starship. Four skittermanders and a Grey! They have knowledge of a location in the Drift where there is valuable salvage to be had.
o As soon as they get Epoch back from Whaloss, they can input the partial coordinated, which Epoch can easily extrapolate the remaining special coordinates, giving the PC’s an origin for the ancient robots who gated into Company Town way back when… With a DC 15 Physical Science check the full coordinates given by Epoch are the Xaphos System.

Xaphos System

Treachery on Aballon
A planet full of robots is so very human after all...


After travelling to Aballon, the Starfarers put the Sunrise Maiden in port for repairs and upgrades. Two important things happened as a result of this. First, they met some very fine port security folks who ended up helping them out when space goblins came in through the ventilation system and attacked. Some of these folks ended up joining the party and are now members of the crew! The second thing they discovered is that all of the sentient robots (known collectively as anacites) on Aballon are divided into two factions: Those Who Become and Those Who Wait.

Eons ago, in times considered ancient even before the Gap, the bots of Aballon were created by an ancient race they refer to as the builders. They made them, many structures on Aballon, and lots of other cool stuff. Then they left… The bots took a long time to think on this and finally came to an impasse. Some bots thought that they should wait for the builders to come back and tell them what to do next, and that the stuff the builders left behind should be considered sacred ground. The other bots said that the builders gave them sentience for a reason – that they were individuals and should continue to grow, learn, and evolve. They should utilize the gifts that the builders gave them and move on. These two factions have been at odds now for thousands and thousands of years, mostly in peaceful debate, but occasionally spilling over into combat.

The crew met with a high-ranking Aballonian named Tier-38-Mentor who is firmly in the camp of Those Who Become. After analyzing the information they brought from the ring and robots on Akiton, Tier-38-Mentor gave the crew a mission to help them get some answers.

They travelled deep under the surface of sun-seared Aballon to a vault controlled by Those Who Wait. After defeating the vaults guardians and byapssing the security measures, they found within the vault an ancient Artificial Intelligence core, known as Epoch.

Tier-38-Mentor suspects that the Epoch core will have the computational ability to extrapolate the missing coordinates from the teleportation ring on Akiton and discover the origin of the attempted transport. The problem being that Epoch is so old that there is no way to interface with it, further complicated by the fact that the crew is now wanted by Those Who Wait.

They leave Aballon in thier newly repaired starship and head to Absalom Station, to petition the aid of a skillfull translator, Whaloss, to establish a means of communication with the Epoch core.


Trouble on Akiton
Mechanical Hallucinations lead to Destruction

• On the morning the adventure starts, the PC’s are summoned either via their personal comm units or from the hard-wired comm-unit in the Company Barracks. They are asked by Jabaxa to come urgently to the Company Office. He has an agitated look on his usually calm face.
• The office is one of the most secure buildings in the town. Once inside, Jabaxa says, “I have to commend you on your hidden talents! I have to admit, I am stumped, if not a bit disturbed. So, spill it, how did you do it? I must know.” The PC’s will have no idea what he is referring to. In response, he queue up Hologram α. Afterwards, Jabaxa continues, “I mean the detail and graphics are amazing, better than I’ve seen in a profession halo-suite. You even have the meta-data tags like if was sent from your personal comm-unit. Amazing! C’mon, let me in on how you did it.” After the PC’s convince him that they did not do this, his countenance grows ashen, as he explains that it was just in his inbox from the specific PC this morning. Examining the PC’s outbox of their Comm-unit shows nothing outbound, and no trace of the file.
• Investigating the file with a DC 15 Computers check reveals that the file looks in every way like an actual recording from the PC’s personal comm-unit. This does not seem to be a holographic simulation, but instead an actual recording of an event. The only discrepancy is that the time/date stamp is from 3 days in the future. If the PC’s think to check with the Orbital Station, they can call up and talk to Rutgers, who is on duty there for the next week. He says nothing is amiss at the station. If asked, he can confirm that they are expecting a vessel to dock within the next 12 hours, the Sunrise Maiden.
• Afterwards, the PC’s are free to do as they please. A few hours later, after the typical lunch crowd departs Digger’s Dive, the PC’s notice a commotion going on around the door to the bar. If the PC’s aren’t around, they are contacted by Jabaxa, who asks them to check out the bar.
• At Digger’s Dive, Dij from behind the bar immediately points the PC’s to the hologram projector, where a group of 5 or 6 miners are gawking at the looping scene of Hologram β. The hologram-projector is not online, so someone had to have uploaded this file into the local storage. There is no meta-data on the file, but the time/date stamp is also in 3 days time. Another DC 15 Computers check confirms that this file is the same as the other, an appears to be footage and not a simulation. If the earlier check was made, the PC gets a bonus to the check. If questioned, Dij confides that there were about 10-12 miners in for lunch when the holo started playing. Some stayed and rewatched, but several others left.
• The next morning, the PC’s are awakened by furtive banging on the barracks doors. A disenfranchised miner named “Little Bris” desperately pleas with the PC’s for help. Since being laid off from the mining crew, she and her brother Jesper have been squatting with the shobhad mystic, Maarbadvae, in the #3 mine. Neither of them were particularly “believers” so to speak, but they enjoyed the company and occasional food. But last night, Maarbadvae showed them a hologram that was horrifying. Bris does her best to describe Hologram γ and states that Jesper was stupefied by what he saw and asked Maarbadvae to save them from such a fate. The mystic said that nothing could keep them all from dying, but that, with her help, they could go peacefully into the entropic cradle of The Devourer, rather than painfully. Then her goons shut off the exits and wouldn’t let anyone leave. She’s planning on opening some of the thasteron capsules and poisoning them all in a mass suicide. Bris was able to slip out past the guards. She begs for the PC’s to stop the mystic. She says there are a couple of ysoki and vesk guarding the mine and that they are armed. Held within the mine are about 15 miners, including Jesper.
• Inside the mines, the chamber is sealed. A DC 20 Engineering check opens the lock on the doors, or a DC 20 Computers check trips the emergency evacuation alarm system and automatically unlocks the doors. Alternatively, the door has a Break DC 28, a 20 Hardness, and 60 HP.
• Within, if aware of the PC’s the bodyguards have taken positions of cover, while Maarbadvae takes cover by a thasteron tank. Any shot that misses her has a 50% chance of breaching the tank. The congregation sits between the mystic and the PC’s. The vesk try to use the stick grenades then engage in melee, while the ysoki attack from range behind cover if possible. If all the bodyguards are taken out or her HP’s fall below 6, Maarbadvae breaches the tank and releases toxic gas into the chamber. Treat the gas as Insanity Mist (Fortitude DC 15; Wisdom; 1/round for 6 rounds; 1 save). The gas fills the chamber is 2 rounds after the breach. Quick thinking with one of the sticky grenades can seal the breach.
• After the events of the mine are resolved and the PC’s have a bit to rest and recover, they are once again called up by Jabaxa. He states that last night, the ship Sunrise Maiden, docked. He sent up the freight elevator as expected, but then has heard nothing from the orbital station since. He expected them to be ready to send the elevator back down this morning, but the controller is not responding and there is no response to calls. He wants the PC’s to take the maintenance crawler up the tether and find out what is going on. Surely, it’s just a bad wire somewhere along the way, right???
• The Maintenance Crawler is a small capsule that is attached to the outside of the tether and is made to be able to ascend and descend independent of the freight elevator’s position. It travels slower than the elevator and takes several hours to make the climb to the orbital station. There is no onboard air-supply. Upon arriving at the crawler, it has no power. It seems that someone has removed the power cell, which is a larger one that standard batteries, about the size of a suitcase. A DC 15 Culture check will reveal that Talbot’s most likely has a replacement power cell, as well as a DC 15 Diplomacy if the characters decide to ask around.
• Talbot’s Supplies is a shop set up in an old thaasteron warehouse, a large cave-like building built into the side of the canyon wall. A DC 15 Culture check or DC 15 Diplomacy check to gather information notes that Talbot has always been at odds with The Company, and that attitude has increased into a strange paranoia ever since the Company went silent. He increasingly stays locked away in his shop, which is rarely ever open, with his cousins (disenfranchised miners). When the PC’s approach the shop, they note that the outer doors are closed and a hand-painted sign is hung on them that reads “Planet’s Broke, Go Away!”
• The outer doors are unlocked, but the Laser Blaster Trap is armed and covers the inner doors. Any attempts to call out to Talbot from outside will result in him conversing from inside the inner doors, which are locked. Due to seeing one of the holograms, he is considered hostile and is convinced that the PC’s are here to either take his stuff and/or kill him. A DC 20 Engineering check opens the lock on the doors, or a DC 20 Computers check hacks the entry code and unlocks the doors. Alternatively, the door has a Break DC 28, a 20 Hardness, and 60 HP.
• If the trap is triggered, or if the PC’s force their way in, Talbot and his cousins are ready for combat. They take cover behind the shelves, while Talbot fights from inside a modified mine cart, getting his bonuses to trick attack, as well as cover.
• The shelves in the shop are remarkably bare of anything of value, although a power cell for the crawler is present (did he steal it?). With a thorough search and a DC 15 Perception check, the PC’s also find trade goods worth 100 cred / PC. They also find, on Talbot’s personal comm-unit, Hologram δ.
• Reinstalling the power cell in the maintenance crawler, the trip up the tether will take roughly until the beginning of the next day (fudge), so the PC’s can rest (albeit uncomfortably) on the trip.
• Maintenance Crawler Airlock: Upon reaching the orbital station, the “no atmosphere” warning light is blinking. Once the door override is given: Flickering emergency lights do little to dispel the darkness inside the station, and the sense of abandonment is only heightened by the apparent lack of any movement or life inside its airless corridors. All is silent and the artificial gravity is not active. In the ducts above the hallway is one Akata lying in wait. The doors to the Elevator Lock Rooms are sealed, a DC 15 Engineering or Computers check informs that a reboot of the stations life support will unseal the doors. The Doors to the crew quarters and galley are stuck open. The main duct leads to Hangar 2.


• Crew Quarters: These quarters show recent signs of struggle, as personal effects are floating around the chamber and several pieces of furniture have been broken. Two of the crew here were surprised by the akata and have become Void Zombies. They attack anyone who enters the room. A search of the quarters with a DC 15 Perception finds the following: an incendiary grenade I, two shock grenades I, a stickybomb grenade I, a fire extinguisher, and a credstick w/ 500 credits.
• Galley: Everything needed to prepare and eat meals for the crew is located in this room. Another Void Zombie is here. There are supplies to make salt water here if the PC’s wish.
• Lock 1: The doors of this room leading to the hangar are open. The other doors are sealed. Numerous resinous shards litter the floor of the cargo hold. The PCs can identify these shards as the remnants of akata cocoons with a successful DC 16 Life Science check. The cocoon scraps are composed of the valuable starmetal noqual . In total, the noqual pieces have 4 bulk and are worth 2,000 credits. In addition, a PC who succeeds at a DC 10 Perception check notices a flame pistol lying on the floor of the cargo hold, discarded by one of the Sunrise Madien’s crew. The pistol’s petrol tank currently has 8 petrol remaining.
• Lock 2: This doors to the hangar are open, but the other doors are sealed. Lying in wait in the duct in the ceiling is an Akata.
• Control Room Corridor: This long corridor has many sets of doors along both sides, all shut. Signs of battle—bullet holes, scorch marks, and droplets of blood—are clearly visible on the walls and floors. A body in a space suit lies sprawled on the floor in the middle of the hallway. The body in this room is a Void Zombie. The void zombies is still carrying a credstick with 470 credits. In addition, an azimuth laser rifle and needler pistol float in this corridor, discarded by the void zombies after their transformation. Both weapons are depleted of charges and ammunition.
• Storage: The closed hatch to this room has been barricaded from the inside and must be broken down before the PCs can enter (hardness 10, HP 30, break DC 24, Engineering DC 25). This small chamber was once a storage area for spare parts and maintenance equipment, but it is now empty save for a dead body. A DC 10 Medicine check can tell that the death was from a self-inflicted wound. The PCs can salvage Moriko’s gear from her body. It’s still wearing an estex suit I with a brown force field, though the force field’s battery is depleted. The body also carries two spell amps of lesser restoration and a personal datapad (tier 1 computer). Moriko’s empty static arc pistol lies on the floor next to her outstretched hand. A DC 10 Computers check can activate the datapad, “I think I’ve come to terms with it. I won’t survive, but at least I’ve explored strange worlds and seen wonders I would never have dreamed of as a child. I guess everything comes to an end eventually. I’ve always been the master of my own fate, and I’m not going to change now.” Captain Nash holds up a pistol. “My force field is about to go down and I can hear those things trying to get in – the things I mistakenly brought here. For that I am sorry, it turns out those strange rocks I found were eggs for these things. But I’m saving my last charge for myself. My life, my death. I am Captain Moriko Nash of the Sunrise Maiden. This is my last will and testament. To whoever finds this recording, I leave the Sunrise Maiden to you. It’s a good ship, and no matter where I’ve gone, it’s always brought me home… until now. If you treat it right, it’ll do the same for you. Leave my body where you found it—we came from the stars, and to the stars I’ll return—but the Maiden deserves to keep flying.” Nash takes a deep breath and ends the recording.
• Machine Room: Since the reboot from the control room is not possible, it must be done here from the Machine Room. However, this room took damage from an errant grenade, so the console is malfunctioning. There are 2 Void Zombies here. Rebooting the Orbital Station’s systems takes three successful DC 25 Computers checks. If any of these checks fails by 5 or more, it triggers a malfunction.
• Control Room: A wide transparent aluminum window stretches across the forward wall of this control room; all of the instruments and monitors in this room are dead. 2 Void Zombies are here, all that is left of the station crew. A PC who succeeds at a DC 5 Perception check can find a tactical arc emitter underneath one of the engineering consoles, dropped by one of the crew. The rifle’s battery has 12 charges remaining.
• Hangar 1: This large Hangar is open to space. A medium explorer vessel, the Sunrise Maiden is docked here, but it locked and secured. 3 Akata dwell here. Noqual fragments of two more akata cocoons are scattered throughout the hangar. They have 2 bulk and are worth 1,000 credits. Also two large tanks of salt water are secured here. A cargo lifer jack is mounted to the wall.
• Hangar 2: This large hangar is open to space. 2 Akatas roam here. Resinous shards of noqual can be found here, totaling 1 bulk and worth 500 credits. A torn backpack near the hangar doors contains a disruptive fusion seal (5th), two mk 1 serums of healing and three medpatches. In addition, up to 500 UPBs can be salvaged from the bay
• Once the Orbital Station is brought back online, the doors to the hangars shut, other doors become unsealed and the elevator can be used again. Communications with the surface are reestablished. However, before the PC’s can do return, a proximity alert goes off in the control room. A ship is approaching the station. A DC 12 Computers check can identify the ship as a goblin junk-hulk on an intercept course with the station.
• The PC’s must gain access to, board and man, and launch the Sunrise Maiden to fend off the attack of the goblin ship. The hulk starts 3d6+3 hexes from the station.
• Once the ship has been dealt with, the PC’s get an urgent message from the surface. Jabaxa screams that strange robots have appreared out of thin air and are killing people. A large robot seems to be building something on the canyon floor right in front of the elevator tether housing. Several folks have tried to attack the big robot, but conventional weapons don’t seem to be able to penetrate some sort of force field it has. Jabaxa can send up some footage.
• Once the bots are defeated, they can investigate the ring that the builder bot was making. An DC 20 Engineering or Mysticism check reveals that this was going to be some sort of long-range receiver. Some of the source code can be recovered from the ring and the bot, but it is strange.
• Within hours, an incoming ship from the Stewards arrives and the PC’s meet Jance Volley, who is on Akiton to investigate another matter. He congratulates the PC’s on protecting the settlement from what would have been certain annihilation. He has no clue about the significance of the holograms, if asked. He can tell the PC’s that Abadar Corp has frozen all of The Company’s assets throughout the Pact Worlds, so they won’t see relief anytime soon. He recognizes the bots and code as annacite in origin, but strangely different. He asked the PC’s to travel to Aballon to the city of Striving and report their findings to the Machine Court; perhaps they will know more. He offers them 1,000 credits for this, to be transferred to their ship upon arrival on Aballon.

Strange Holograms on Akiton

The story up till now

What you know about The Company…

About six months ago, each of you were headhunted, vetted, and contracted to work for a corporate entity that has become known to you as “The Company”. During this courting process, The Company had various other official and legitimate sounding names, but you’ve come to find out that those were, at best, shell companies if not entirely made up corporate entities. The Company representative who walked you through the hiring process, in each case, was an attractive, well-dressed individual whose name always corresponded with a day of the week or month (i.e. Mr. Oathday, Ms. Rova, Neth Wealday Esq., etc.).

You signed a very lucrative contract, were given a hefty advance (the credits you used to equip yourself), and even had some training in rented holodecks at no cost to you. You were recruited to be troubleshooters for The Company’s broad and far-reaching interests in and beyond the Pact Worlds. It all sounded quite exciting and glamorous at the time. The reality of the terms of your employment turned out to be quite different, however.

You were transported via inner-system passenger shuttle from wherever you came from to the Pact World planet of Akiton, a dying world that has lost most of its magnetosphere and liquid water it once held due to the slowing of its liquid-iron core. While the death of Akiton is transpiring at a geological pace, the economic death throes of the planet are all the more rapid. Before the advent of Drift travel, most long-haul starship engines used the element thasteron as their main fuel source. In the three centuries since the god Triune introduced the concept of travel in The Drift, the demands for thasteron has plummeted, causing devastating recession on Akiton, as well as the collapse of the planet’s centralized government. The resulting power vacuum saw the encroachment of corporate entities that used Akiton for ventures that benefited from no government oversight or taxation. The Company is one such entity.

Mining Colony NW-78250 is one of many settlements that grew up around corporate sponsored thasteron mines in the last few centuries. Most are either now ghost towns that have had anything of value stripped from them or camps for raiders, scavengers, or other more unscrupulous groups. Colony NW-78250, known to the locals who live and work there as “Company Town”, still maintains a subsistence economy on thasteron mining under the supervision of The Company. The town is situated in a canyon that protects its citizens from (most of) the solar radiation. The terrain is much too rugged for a space port, so The Company had a Space Elevator built over a decade ago, housing a large freight elevator that traverses the tether up to the orbital docking station miles above. For years now, thasteron mining has continued here in Company Town supporting a small, but stable population.

Come to find out, your role as Company Troubleshooters turned out to be working colony security for Mining Colony NW-78250. You report to an on-site manager, a ysoki named Jabaxa, who is the Company rep for the settlement. Working security for Company Town entails occasionally dealing with drunken miners at the local bar, The Digger’s Dive, settling sporadic domestic disputes, and rarely investigating the reported theft of one of the resident’s tools (which most often were just misplaced). This was how much of your first months on Akiton were spent, where you met each other (the other PC’s), and settled in to serve out your contract with The Company.

Recently, however, things have gone pear-shaped. Just over a month ago, all shipments and communications from The Company ceased. Jabaxa was as much at a loss as to why this occurred as every other colonist. As the weeks went on, with no supplies and no pay checks incoming, things began to get strained in Colony Town. Jabaxa, doing his best to maintain the colony’s viability, executed a little known clause in the colony’s contract that allowed them to sell overstock of thasteron on the open market. Colony Town sold some of its stock to those vessels it could entice to visit the orbital docking station, sometimes for credits, but often in trade for food, water, and supplies to keep the mines running.


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