Ysoki Mechanic


Played by Mark

CG Ysoki Mechanic 3

AKA: Raphael “Ralf” Whiskers

Theme: Ace Pilot
Height: 3’4”
Weight: 138
Fur: Brown-gray
Eyes: Hazel
Homeworld: Akiton


That’s Mr. Whiskers to you, lurcher.

Though an excellent pilot – and obsessed with rock-star space jockeys and their craft – Whiskers has a singular fondness for land based motor sports, the very reason he designed his stealth chassis drone in the form of a single seat all-terrain land transport.

The usually informal “Ralf” – since accomplishing his life-long dream of being the chief engineer on a tramp starship – now insists that he be called Mr. Whiskers while engaging in any official ship business.


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