Nargin Haruvex

Coalescent Scientist


Nargin Haruvex is a rare alien creature known as a coalescent, an intelligent swarm gifted with a hive mind. Unlike other swarms, a coalescent possesses the ability to draw its constituent parts together and form itself into a medium-sized humanoid for periods of time. Given proper concealing dress, a coalescent in this form can even pass for another humanoid creature upon casual inspection.


Known as one of the preeminent researchers on Anchor Station not associated with the Technic League, Nargin Haruvex owns and operates a lab in the Skydome district of the station. His area of specialty is the study and retrieval of pre-Gap artifacts from the Xaphos system. However, his refusal to capitulate to the Technic League, has caused his research efforts to suffer in recent years. Nargin Haruvex is always on the lookout for enterprising freelancers who can get a leg-up on the Technic League and make new discoveries in the Xaphos system.

Nargin Haruvex

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