Ancient discarded AI made by a sentient robot race


Epoch appears as a smooth, featureless egg about a foot long. From deep within, soft lights blink in seemingly random patterns. Epoch has no ports, displays, screens, or outputs of any kind. When “connected” to a communication source, Epoch chooses a holographic image to communicate. In our case she has chosen a figure of an ambiguous humanoid figure with a Kumoso-style tangai helmet.


Epoch was an early model of the AI that eventually merged with the clockwork goddess Brigh and the android Messiah Casandalee to form what is now knows as the god, Triune. Why Epoch was disregarded and locked away in a vault is unknown. The Spacefarers liberated Epoch from the Vault of Those Who Wait to utilize his vast computational capacity to extrapolate the origin of the teleportation signal on Akiton.


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