EF 1337

Android Soldier


Excerpt from a 150 year old sales brochure:

Spartan Systems is proud to introduce the newest model in the Spartan22 line – the Echelon Forward battle droid. The Spartan22 EF is a dynamic, versatile and completely expendable soldier for today’s fighting force.

Sporting the patented Spartan NeoBronze armor plate, the chassis is made of rugged nanosteel honeycomb encased in a polymer sheath. Bio-myomer musculature and circulation provide strength and stamina without the added weight and bulk of hydraulics. The Spartan22 EF is human sized and weighted to allow maximum flexibility for handling weapons and equipment. Each unit comes standard with low-light and night vision, sealed respiratory processors for non-atmospheric deployments, and an upgrade slot for customized combat roles.

Don’t waste soldiers. Let the Spartan22 EF take the bullet!


EF-1337 (“Ef” to his friends, but he refers to himself as “this unit”) came off the Spartan Systems assembly line more than 150 years ago, just before androids were granted legal status as sentient citizens. The Spartan22 EF models were well received among mercenary teams and armed forces for their fortitude and willingness to take a bullet. But after the Thyst rebellion, the EFs acknowledged their own sentience and decided to turn on their owners. The resulting carnage gave the Spartan22s a bad reputation for being unreliable and dangerous. The entire line was recalled and Spartan Systems went out of business.

Fortunately, EF-1337 had not been activated yet when all this occurred. His shipping container was misplaced in a storage unit for years. Sold as junk for more than a century, he was miraculously never disassembled or scrapped. Some years ago, a Ysoki mechanic named Mr. Whiskers paid next to nothing for the weather-beaten droid at an Akitonian antique mall. He dusted it off and upgraded the systems, including providing it with a modern neocortex. The Ysoki then activated EF-1337 for the first time and set him free.

That was three years ago. EF-1337 has since been acting as a bodyguard for his team and searching for meaning in his life.

EF 1337

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