Lost Divinity (Starfinder)

Welcome to the Xaphos System

Better unliving through technology

The Sunrise Maiden came out of the Drift into a massive asteroid field, putting the crew in immediate peril. Acting fast, the crew avoided damage from the asteroid until the ship could clear the field. Scans indicated that the asteroid field was the remnant of the planet where the signal they were searching for originated. Interference and temporal distortions were pervasive within the ancient debris of the destroyed planet.

Seeking signs up civilization in the system, the crew headed to Xaphos 2, where scans indicated a large settlement on the surface. The crew learned that the settlement was the “landed” Anchor Station, which once orbited the planet. They met Amare and Redrek, the port authority for Anchor Station, who informed them that all berths on the station were currently filled or off limits. However, if they were willing to help out a friend of theirs, they would point them to a berth that they could liberate from some squatters who were trapping and trading Laserhounds.

The crew agreed and Bubbles, EF 1337, Mosdar, Vish Kesh, and VICKY left the Sunrise Maiden to go to the Freemarkets district of Anchor Station. There they met with one Mr Philt, a witchwyrd representative of AbadarCorp who was the de facto overseer of the markets. He had recently uncovered evidence of a new type of biotech augmentation that was unlike anything else available in the market and wanted the crew to track down who crafted it. Unfortunately, the piece of biotech was a severed prosthetic arm that had been won in a high-stakes bet.

After investigating the Freemarkets and interviewing many merchants, the crew was able to track down the origin of this new biotech to a ship called Renew-You, which had recently closed down indefinitely. They discovered that the biotech augmentations installed at the Renew-You clinic were, in fact, killing the patients and reanimating them as biotech zombies. They managed to save one of the halfling patients before she succumbed to the faulty augmentation and eventually learned the home address for the owners of the Renew-You clinic.

Arriving at the home of the shirren family who owned the Renew-You clinic, the crew discovered that it was barricaded and was in the process of being besieged by a group of biotech zombies, all former clients of Renew-You! The crew valiantly and deftly defeated the zombies and made contacts with the shirren held up in the barricaded house…

Districts and Locations on Anchor Station

… when they noticed that down the darkened street, a lone figure was watching them. Fearing another wave of biotech zombies, EF 1337 raised his weapon, but the figure approached with hands out in the open and addressed the crew.

The android operative, Rikr was tasked by his employer to find the technology that was responsible for creating the zombies and to bring it back. The crew agreed to a temporary truce with Rikr to investigate the interior of the house.

Vish Kesh was able to convince the two shirren barricaded within the house to let the group in. After some persuasion, the shirren owners of the Renew-You clinic, Theskell and Vrisken, confessed that the strange biotech augmentations were made by an assembly ooze on which they had altered the nano programming. Instead of producing harmless basic technological items, the assembly ooze now produced (tainted) biotech augmentations after it had accidentally absorbed and killed their partner and host, Kinnakt.
They had the assembly ooze trapped in a laser-containment grid in their home workshop, ever hopeful that they could work out the bugs on it and get back into the biotech augmentation business.

Rikr offered the pair of shirren a way out of Anchor Station thanks to his employer, a mysterious figure known as The Professor, and also offered the crew a meet with this Professor is they let him take the ooze and deliver it to his employer. Bubbles noted that she read that the Professor was one of the names of local who were studying the phenomenon of the temporally reforming and unforming planet, so it was someone they needed to meet anyway. The crew agreed, and Rikr left with the assembly ooze.

The crew returned to the Freemarkets and met with Mr Philt, explained to him what they had uncovered and enjoyed some refreshment. He seemed pleased with the efforts and results of the crew and passed along the message of his satisfaction to Amare and Redrek , as well as giving the crew a few trinkets as a reward for a job well-done.

The crew then regrouped with Rikr, who they were considering recruiting on their mission to secure a berth for the Sunrise Maiden here on the station. Amare and Redrek gave them directions to the berth where the filthy squatters were located. Xenu joined in the planning and the group got some drone reconnaissance on the berth with a little help from Quonx , who. without his knowledge, stripped down Whiskers drone and made a spy drone.

The drone found that the maintenance shaft leading into the berth was guarded by a Nuar, a space minotaur. Within the berth several hobgoblins and a Kanabo commando (a least Oni) were making a deal with a Sarcesian smuggler for four Tashtari, or laser hounds.

The crew managed to get the drop on the nuar, then using a well-placed fog cloud burst into the berth, surprising the squatters and smuggler. The ensuing battle resulted in the death of the hobgoblins and kanobo, as well as the Sarcesian, but none of the laser hounds were harmed. The berth, and the loot within, now belonged to the crew!

Loot List from the Battle for the Berth


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