Lost Divinity (Starfinder)

The Wreck of the Dusklight (Part 1)

Opening gifts uncovered by a mudslide...

After the Battle of the Birth, the crew found themselves in possession of a large stockpile of arms and equipment. Loot List from the Battle for the Berth After picking and choosing, there remained a large amount of gear leftover. They came upon the idea of, rather than storing or liquidating the remaining loot, setting up a small shop in the Freemarkets to sell the loot for a greater profit.

Arrangements were made with Mr Philt for the crew to take over the old Synthesasia shop on the first floor of the Freemarkets. Although little more than a converted storage container, the shop would definitely meet the needs of the crew. They then recruited members of the halfling family they had met when investigating the infectious biotech augmentations a week earlier. Not only were Maija (now almost fully recovered) and Hermot happy to run the shop for the crew, but they also enlisted young Sendi and her brother Alvi to work as criers in the Freemarkets, spreading news about the new shop and it’s wares. With only a couple hundred credits spent to get the place up and running, the shop was up and running within a days time.

While cleaning up the berth and distributing gear and supplies on the Sunrise Maiden, VICKY heard an odd thing from the storage closet where the alien AI, Epoch was being kept. It was humming a few bars from the latest hit song Star Sugar Heartlove!!! by the band Strawberry Machine Cake. Since this hit song had only just been released within the last week, VICKY was sure that the AI had somehow been connected to the inforsphere, something that the crew had decided not to be allowed. The crew confronted Epoch and learned that, while not being connected to the infosphere, the AI was still being constantly bombarded by various waves and fields ever-present in a technologically advanced society. Epoch’s curiosity had gotten the better of it, and it slightly altered its internal systems to receive and interpret these signals. After several reassurances that Epoch was not plotting to take over the system and destroy all organic life in the galaxy, the crew decided to let it continue “learning” in this fashion.

It was at this point that Rikr pointed out that incomprehensibly old artificial intelligences were something that was right up the Professor’s alley and that it was about time for the crew to meet with him anyway. They set out to the Skydome district of Anchor Station, situated at the very top of the city. Under the vast super-hardened glass dome, numerous towers separated by quaint well-tended parks dominated the district. The crew noticed that while there was not much foot traffic in Skydome, each of the towers were well secured either by armed guards or by advanced automated security systems.

Rikr led the crew to a six-story tower, and after a thorough security scan, the entered the building. Surprisingly, manning the front desk of the tower and acting as a receptionist was the shirren envoy from the Renew-You clinic, Theskell. He informed the crew that he and his partner, Vreskin, were now working for the Professor here in the tower, and that they were expected up on the sixth floor.

The sixth floor of the tower was a large open format laboratory and workshop, with numerous stations in the midst of analyzing various odd-looking pieces of technology. The Professor, Nargin Haruvex turned out to be a rare alien species known as a coalescent, a rare swarm creature composed entirely of worms who shared a hive mind and could hold themselves into a humanoid shape. The Professor explained to the crew that he was studying evidence of an ancient pre-Gap species of humans known as the Androffan who he believed were present in the Xaphos system long ago. He also informed them that two other organizations sought the same goals, a group of cut-throats called the Technic League and the incomprehensibly alien group known as the Dominion of the Black. Both groups sought any and all Androffan relics and technology covetously. The depredations of those groups had seriously limited the amount of Androffan tech that the Professor had access to.

To this end, the Professor had recently learned of a newly uncovered wrecked starship on the surface of Xaphos 2, only a couple of hours from Anchor Station. He asked the crew to go and investigate the wreck and bring back their findings, but he warned that the Technic League was more than likely already at the site, so to expect strong resistance.

The crew flew out to the site of the wreck, which lay on the edge of a waterfall, with only a partially shattered observation dome as the only obvious entrance. After defeating a dangerous, invisible waterborne predator at the waterfall, the crew was able to make their way into the wreck via the dome. Inside the ship they were attacked by a vesk agent of the Technic League. Defeating him, but sparing his life, the crew learned that almost 20 Technic League agents and mercenaries had already been in the wreck for over a day, but that something in the lower decks had driven them mad and caused the to turn on one another. The vesk, who was unaffected by the strange madness, had hid on the top deck and was awaiting reinforcements. He informed them that if the Technic League ship wasn’t signaled within the next 12 hours, it would bombard the wreck with torpedoes. The crew decided to let the vesk go and continue exploring the ship.

The crew were able to partially power up a console on the observation deck and discover that the ship was called the Dusklight and that is was indeed an Androffan starship buried here for tens of thousands of years. They were also able to restore lighting, subjective gravity, and power to the elevator from the console. All other systems were offline.

Rikr and VICKY stealthily snuck down the stairs and observed a group of ysoki waiting in ambush. Mosdar and Inky rode down the top of the elevator, creating a distraction, while Bubbles, EF 1337, Vish Kesh, and Xenu joined the others down the staircase to flank the ysoki below. The combat was fierce but the crew defeated the ysoki, noting that they seemed feral and enraged, so much so that some of them could not even use some of their more complex combat abilities, preferring instead to stab ferociously.

In the aftermath of the battle, the crew found a strange magical seed pod growing in a moss-covered storage closet, as well as a recovered Androffan weapon. Further investigation of the hexagonal pillars on the second deck revealed some ancient stasis pod equipment, much of which was long ago destroyed. One stasis unit, however, had somehow remained functioning for eons, and had only recently, within the last couple hundred years, awakened and released whoever or whatever was held within the pod.
Loot List from the Wreck of the Dusklight (Part 1)


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